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12:08 PM

How to save on vehicle running costs.

Many of us buy or lease a new vehicle on a regular basis, but there are ways to avoid having to do that. The method that you might choose will depend upon your particular situation. For instance, if you just have a car parked outside the house for emergencies, or the occasional trip to buy groceries, then you can check out the actual mileage that you do, and ask your local taxi company what it would charge for the same mileage and number of trips. You do lose some convenience, but also gain extra convenience in other aspects, such as lack of stress about running costs of your car. Another way is to look at your mileage. Say you do high mileage, then you are paying, with a newer car, depreciation that is added to by your own mileage amounts. This means that your new car might be needing replacing just because of mileage long before the general wear has occurred on it. The answer here is to look at an older car that will be cheaper because of age, but one that has low mileage. Also regarding maintenance, you might be better seeking a place where the work is done by a proprietor, who might value customer business more, than by having work done by, say, a dealership.
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11:49 AM

Fast Cash By Applying Online

I mentioned in another post recently about the savings that can be made by using short term loans, known as payday loans. I gave the example of an opportunity purchase that saves money being possible by this means, and I want to add that there is another classic instance of how you can save money by making use of a short term loan. We all tend to make errors from time to time, and the way banks behave, they seem to create situations that allow them to take your money out of your account for no real reason. One of the more classic ploys the banks do is to grab an opportunity to add extra charges. They can do this by clever accounting practices, such as if a bill is to be paid out automatically on a certain date, and there is just enough in the account to cover the bill, then they can add charges that are listed on the account before the bill is paid. This in turn means that there is no longer enough money to cover the bill. This, again, generates extra charges for not having sufficient funds, as well as probably causing an extra charge from the third party who was supposed to be paid, but who had the payment from you rejected. Everyone who has money makes money, leaving you as a poor consumer footing the bill. It is like legalized theft, really. So, it is worth avoiding that situation at all costs! This can be done by keeping yourself aware of your bank balance, and obtaining a fast loan if needed. You will end up in front, because the bank and other charges can often exceed the loan costs, as well as fouling up your credit rating.
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11:41 AM

Payday Loans Can Make Sense

As you are probably aware, loans come in lots of different shapes and sizes. As a general thing, the more risk that the lending institution is taking, then the higher the interest rate will tend to be. Added to this, if a loan is secured and a longer term loan, then the interest rate might well be a little lower as well, as the lending institution gets back their set up expenses over the time of the loan. So, the shorter the term, the more expensive, due to the setting up costs. Having said that, there are quite a few occasions when a short term cash advance can make good sense. Take for instance a purchasing opportunity that comes at a bad time for you. It might well work out that the savings on the purchase more than cover the cost of the loan. Likewise with other situations, but more about that some other time.
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9:00 AM

Only Those Who Intend To Abuse the System want De-Regulation.

It is an interesting thing to watch the news on TV, and look at how the American people are reacting to the economic crisis.
Many of them are protesting that capitalism is at risk, that there is a trend towards socialism, and they apparently do not want that.
Yet, look at the facts of the way capitalism has worked over the years, and it seems that although everyone in theory has opportunity to succeed and prosper above the average, few people actually do.

This means that the ones that do, in grabbing the lions share of the profits or rewards, are actually, because of the sheer size of the payouts to themselves, taking money out of the pockets of those who laboured to create the wealth in the first place.

It seems that those at the top, the thieves and grabbers of the Wall Street type situation, the Establishment with a capital 'E', have actually managed somehow to convince the average American that capitalism is a good thing for everyone. This in turn means that they have the support of the same people (we used to call people in that position 'mugs'!)  who are suffering wage losses so that the capitalists at the top can remain in a position to take more money out of assets, seemingly at will.

They even attend mass protest rallies!
Like sheep to the slaughter.
Perhaps I should have been selling stuff to the rank and file American, instead of trying to live a fair life.
They would appear to be so gullible, I could sell anything, just by saying it supports capitalism, and 'The American Way Of Life'.

Unbelievable. They just don't get it. They actually think that those above them are honest in what they say. I have no doubt some are, but most of those who don't lie never get to the top, whether in corporations, or in politics.

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11:15 AM

How To Be An A$$hole Driver - #2 of the series - Wet Weather.

Wet weather is great for allowing you to be the a$$hole that you have always dreamed of being. Stopping distances on a wet road are less than on a dry road, so the first step is:

1 - Make all other driver think that you are not aware of shorter stopping distances in the wet.
2 - Ensure that when you are braking overly hard and violently in the wet, that is a collision occurs, it is technically the other persons fault.
3 - When highway driving where two or more lanes are available, after passing another vehicle, be sure to pull back to the slow lane as close to the passed vehicle as possible - remember as an a$$hole driver you goal is to annoy other road users. If you can judge the proximity to cause the other driver to brake in panic, so much the better.
4 - Ok, the road is wet, but it is no longer raining. After passing as in the last example, maintain position slightly offset from the general vehicle paths/tracks, so that your tires are running on wet road. You will be able to judge your results when the vehicle now behind you is forced to use wipers and washers, your goal should be to deplete their washer fluid as much as possible. You may have to slow down to achieve this.
5 - It is snowing and there is coverage on the road. Ignore it, and keep to the speed limit, especially when approaching other vehicles from behind. You can then slow down at the last minute, and proceed to tailgate them.

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11:18 AM

How To Be An A$$hole Driver - Number 1 of a series.

How To Be An A$$hole Driver

There are many ways to be an a$$hole when you are driving your vehicle, so this might well become a regular subject, with extra methods added regularly.

1 - Remember that you are an a$$hole driver at all times.
2 - As an a$$hole driver, it is your duty to annoy all other road users.
3 - As an a$$hole driver, it is your duty to obstruct all other road users whenever possible.
4 - As an a$$hole driver, it is your duty to inconvenience all other road users at all times.
5 - There is a rule in most jurisdictions that says that when you are using the road, you must avoid making other road users avoid you. As an a$$hole driver, you must do the opposite.
6 - Always follow too close, this will intimidate the driver of the vehicle in front.
7 - Always buy large heavy vehicles. This will compensate for your small penis size.
8 - Always adjust your headlights to point slightly upwards when on high beam. This will inconvenience oncoming drivers more than if they are properly adjusted.
9 - Always use high beam when there are no oncoming vehicles, and never dip to low beam when oncoming vehicles appear.

More ideas later.
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9:07 AM

Kia - seems like an OK little vehicle.

I bought a Kia 4wd Sportage. Now, the name is silly, I know. The thought of this vehicle having a name requiring a French accent is ridiculous!
Having said that, I have done a few miles in it now, and have to say, no problems so far, at least that I didn't know about. The gas tank does leak when fully filled, and the handbrake on one side does not work on that wheel, but apart from that, it is a great little vehicle.
After all, a year 2000 vehicle was probably purchased new in 1999, so it might be 11 years old, and the body looks fine. The 4wd works great too, I was able to push through snowdrifts that were about 4 feet high in places the other day, in my driveway.
The spare parts though, are extremely expensive, so if you are buying a new one, be sure to get a good warranty.
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7:29 AM

Am I Getting Grumpy, Or Are Companies Getting Worse?

There have been several instances recently where friends or I have been contacted by companies that I am doing business with, and are trying to increase that business.
This is legal for them to do, as, although I am on the government's national no-call list, it does have exceptions, and one of these is for businesses that I have already done business with.

The end result of all of these calls is an attempt by myself or my friends to undertake the extra business, but the complete failure of the company involved to follow through with what they have said they would do. More than that, in many cases, it has irritated to a degree where the original level of service has been canceled.

The problem probably lies with the morons who run these phoning companies. They seem to fail to train the phoning staff in setting up the service, or setting up the sale of the goods that are involved. This is then compounded by the customer service reps failing to resolve the created problem, at the same time, lying by promising that they have in fact done so.

I start off with no expectation, then they give me one. Then they fail to meet that expectation that they have set.

No wonder I cancel stuff and will no longer do business with these fools.
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4:56 PM

Getting Our Car Situation Sorted Out.

When an accident occurs, even when there are no personal injuries, it messes things up for a while. Getting the vehicle looked at by an appraiser, and determining whether it will be repaired or not, this all adds to the stress of life. Anyway, we are getting into better shape now, we have a backup vehicle of sorts, an old Jeep Wrangler, and now we have to just settle in to organize a newer more reliable car or van. I was going to get a Caddy, as they seem cheap right now, but the Missus will probably be more sensible, and get a little cash advance loan so that she can buy a van. This will be better for her business, of course. Sometimes, I guess commonsense prevails!
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6:52 PM

Speaking With A Financial Guy

It is becoming clearer that the credit possibilities are getting less as each day passes. I am now happy that our house did not sell right now, as it actually costs us very little, and still remains a good investment. The people who might lose out are those who recently paid top dollar for their property. We have had ours now for about 10 years maybe, so can keep it rolling and rent it out if we have to. 
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